I came to life in a quite town of Bangi , Malaysia. I am the youngest out of three siblings, but looks like the oldest. I started my education in University Teknologi Petronas in 2009. However, at that time, I am not exposed to programming, and thus decided to major in Mechanical Engineering. Fast forward 6 years later, I started a job in the construction industry as an engineer, while also studying for coding by myself. A year later, I decided to quit my job and join a coding bootcamp to learn seriously how to develop a website. Here I am today, trying to make the best website for my customer. However, the learning never ends. The more I know, the more I realize what I dont know.

And I love it

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12 Dec 2016 . tech . The javascript rise in prominence Comments

Whether you like it or not, if you’re going to be a web developer(front-end especially) you have to know Javascript. It can be said as the current de-facto lingua franca of web programming. New language or framework that is based on javasript pop out left and right. The current hotstuff in javascript is of course React.js, Anguar.js, and Ember.js. We never know though what the future holds for these frameworks, since the web programming realm move at a really fast pace. Here is some of my favourite resource for learning Javascript



Practical Javascript




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    Saving my client from boring website

  • July - October 2016

    Started bootcamp. Quit job. Shit got serious

  • Jun 2015 - Jun 2016

    Worked as Mechanical Engineer. All the while self-study coding


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